5 Reasons Why American Football Hasn't Caught On Abroad

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"Coaches Are An Untouchable Establishment"

Former Jacksonville Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio. Courtesy of lammatlarge.wordpress.com

It's easy to look at guys like Bill Bellichick in the NFL and Nick Saban in the NCAA and think all coaches are untouchable like they are, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Take Chip Kelly, for example. He left the University of Oregon to coach the Philadelphia Eagles and fans are trying to run him out of town after less than two seasons. In fact, University of Southern California is already seeking a replacement for its head coach and looking for Chip Kelly to step down from coaching in the NFL. There is certainly no job security in that career.

"American Football is a Socialist Sport"

Courtesy of http://www.businessinsider.com/chart-nfl-salary-cap-space-2015-2

Wait, what? This is America we're talking about here and nothing is socialist! Except that when you compare football to soccer, it totally is. Most European leagues have no salary cap or revenue sharing, so the teams with the richest owners can assemble teams that would make the New York Yankees payroll look like pennies. The NFL has both a salary cap and revenue sharing with smaller market teams in the league. And also unlike soccer, it has an annual draft to ensure the worst performing teams have first pick of the best new players. Socialism is alive and well in the NFL.

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