The Burger Wars of Jacksonville

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“Casual” or “fast-casual” food chains seem to be springing up all over the country. Particularly, burger joints seem to be making an increasing rise. These casual burger joints are ale to draw the “Fast-food” crowd, while obviously distinguishing themselves from fast-food. Why?

Many of these casual eateries are able to offer things like burgers at a reasonable price, often easily swaying customers to pay more for things like extra toppings or sides. These places are able to provide fast service, coupled with the option of a sit down meal. They are able to offer similar, greasy foods, but with a special “twist” that breaks away from the “standard, corporate feel” of chains. Moreover, their ingredients are often fresh, never frozen, and sometimes, locally sourced.

Here is a look at some of these burger joints within the area.  


BurgerFi began as a company in 2011, in downtown Delray Beach, FL. BurgerFi was a vision of John Rosatti, who was tired of worn out, lacking offerings in the burger market. Since them, BurgerFi has become one of the fastest-growing all-natural burger joints in the country and has spread to over 150 locations—including Jacksonville.

The company itself is partly known for its “green” factors—using all-natural, hormone free beef, using recycled goods, and building each location according to locally sustainable, earth-friendly practices.
They are also, obviously, known for their menu. Some of BurgerFi’s notable dishes include their “Breakfast All Day Burger” which includes bacon, eggs, maple syrup, and hash browns. They also have the “Twenty-Eight” which is a 2-day dried brisket burger with Swiss, blue cheese, and all the fixins’. They also have vegetarian options, a wide-array of hot dog options, hand-cut fries, custards, and of course, their ever-famous “BurgerFi Sauce.”

BurgerFi Jacksonville has two locations—Brooklyn (coming soon) and Town Center.

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