The Downtown Miami Skyline Story

March 30, 2015 7 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article

Melissa Hege, AICP, the Miami Downtown Development Authority's manager of Urban Planning and Transportation, shares a 3D model of current, under construction and proposed projects that will dramatically alter the city's skyline. Take a look!

The Miami Downtown Development Authority (DDA) team recently published a 3D model of the core of Downtown Miami from Brickell through the CBD into the Arts & Entertainment District. The model showcases the current skyline and adds in the projects from the development pipeline. Under construction buildings appear in blue, followed by planned projects in green, and then the full complement of proposed projects in purple. The model provides short, medium, and long term dynamic changes that will reshape Downtown Miami

Melissa Hege, AICP
Manager Urban Planning and Transportation
Miami Downtown Development Authority