TEDxJacksonville: Belonging to the Universe

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Warren Anderson on Belonging to the Universe.

Warren Anderson invites you to go back to your childhood, to think about those special places in the great outdoors that first introduced you to the awesome majesty of the natural world. When did that sense of communion fade? What has happened to those places? Have those natural cathedrals been paved over for parking lots, or are they just waiting for you to rediscover them?

In his TEDxJacksonville talk, Anderson implores us to restore our link to nature, to turn off our television sets and smart phones, and go explore the magnificent resources in our own backyards. “To love everything, everywhere,” says Anderson, “you’ve got to love something, somewhere . . . our somewhere can be HERE.”

Warren Anderson has lived in Jacksonville since he was a child, other than attending Wake Forest University and the University of Florida School of Law. He served as a state prosecutor for five years; since the early 1980s, his law practice has focused on civil litigation, including pro-environmental cases. Warren has been in leadership roles in the Sierra Club, Riverkeeper, The Timucuan Trail Parks Foundation, and the Public Trust Environmental Legal Institute where his emphasis is on protecting and enhancing the “special places” of Northeast Florida. Warren and his wife Diana have four sons and live in Neptune Beach, Florida.

This talk comes from TEDxJacksonville's 2014 conference. Connect with TEDxJacksonville here.