Shad Khan Isn't The Only One!

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Jacksonville Jag’s owner Shad Khan, and his company Iguana Investments, are proposing plans for a major to the Jacksonville shipyards. Khan’s money would transform the 48-cre lot on the downtown riverfront into a vibrant entertainment and leisure district. However, Khan isn’t the first of his kind. What follows is a brief list of other major profession sport team owners who have invested in large scale urban redevelopment projects, too.

Stephen Ross
Team: NFL's Miami Dolphins
Development: NYC's Hudson Yards

Owner of the Miami Dolphins, Stephen Ross, is currently developing the largest private real estate project in the nation. This project, called the “Hudson Yards,” is a 28-acre neighborhood in Manhattan’s West Side.

The project began in 2012 and is projected to be finished in 2020 with a hefty price tag of $12 billion. Upon completion, Hudson Yards will be the largest private development in New York City since the Rockefeller Center.

Because this project is being constructed over a working rail line, two platforms are going to be constructed to bridge 30 active train tracks, three subsurface rail tunnels, and a fourth passageway, the Gateway Tunnel. All rail lines are going to remaining functional during construction.

Hudson Yard will have over 17 million square feet of commercial and residential space. It will also include 5 office towers, more than 100 stores, a large collection of restaurants, thousands of residential spaces, a luxury hotel, and a public school.

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