Launch of Hemming Park's Imagination Playground

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On Thursday, Hemming Park unveiled Imagination Playground, a giant, mobile play set that unlocks the limits of imagination of children, young and old.

Imagination Playground is big block play; an innovative mobile equipment system intended to transform the park into a play space that encourages learning, social development, movement, and fun!

Hemming Park’s next iteration of park development focuses on creating programming with families and children in mind. After receiving feedback from community focus groups, many parents expressed a desire for the park to be a place where families could enjoy downtown. With the addition of Sweet Pete’s to the northwest corner of the park, MOCA and the library’s regular programming, and the new Imagination Playground as a permanent feature of the park, the Friends of Hemming Park are looking to draw families and children into the park.

“From studying parks all over the country, we understand that Hemming Park needs to speak to as wide of an audience as possible. Children and families are vital to the success of the park,” says Vince Cavin, executive director of Friends of Hemming Park. “Imagination Playground is the first foot forward on a long journey to creating a robust, imaginative park that inspires wonder for all ages. On the way are beautification projects, murals, sculptures, and other touches to awaken the feel of the park. We’re excited to have this play set available for kids as a permanent feature of the park.”

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