9 All Time Jacksonville Jaguars Figures

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In honor of the recent retirement of Maurice Jones-Drew, here's a list of nine all time favorite figures associated with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

9. Donovin Darius


Donovin Darius was picked up 25th overall by the Jags right out of Syracuse in 1998. At the time, this was the highest pick ever by a team for a defensive back. Darius quickly became one of the Jags best defensive backs, with 108 tackles in only 14 games. Darius would switch to a safety position the following year.

Darius would build rapport within the team over the next several years his name would become “big” again in 2004, when he led the secondary in tackles for his seventh straight season and posted career highs in both forced fumbles and interceptions. However, 2004 would bring Darius a lawsuit, as he faced a $75,000 fine for an illegal tackle.

Darius signed an extension in 2005 that was supposed to bring him through the season. Unfortunately, however, Darius tore a ligament in 2005 and would break his leg in 2006. Before he was released by the Jags in 2006, he was the longest active Jags player to date.

Article by Kristen Pickrell. Title image courtesy of http://www.annebanas.com/muralprints.htm

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