9 All Time Jacksonville Jaguars Figures

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In honor of the recent retirement of Maurice Jones-Drew, here's a list of nine all time favorite figures associated with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

8. Keenan McCardell


Keenan McCardell played for the Redskins and the Browns before receiving his contract with the Jags in 1996. McCardell’s impact in the NFL had been pretty minimal up until this point. His last season with the Browns proved to be his most significant season prior to being a Jag—with over 1,000 yards and 80 receptions. In his first season with the Jags, however, McCardell made 85 catches and earned himself his first ever trip to the Pro Bowl. McCardell would shine even more when Jimmy Smith joined the roster—as the two were dubbed “Thunder and Lighting.”

Unfortunately, McCardell would be waived, as the Jags faced a salary cap dilemma. McCardell would finish his six season career with the Jags with nearly 500 receptions and over 6,000 yards.

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