9 All Time Jacksonville Jaguars Figures

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In honor of the recent retirement of Maurice Jones-Drew, here's a list of nine all time favorite figures associated with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

7. Wayne and Delores Weaver


Wayne Weaver would be the first owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Weaver would share ownership over the team with his wife, Delores Weaver. Wayne Weaver owns the successful “Nine West” shoe store. He and his wife were awarded the Jags NFL franchise in the early 90s. Delores would become the Chairman and CEO of the Jaguars Foundation, which grants over $1 million annually to organizations that benefit economically and socially disadvantaged youths and families.

The Weavers would own the Jags for several years to come, overseeing the team as they set records and made it to several AFC Championship games. In 2011, however, it was announced that the Weaver’s would sell the team to Shahid Khan for $760 million.

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