9 All Time Jacksonville Jaguars Figures

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In honor of the recent retirement of Maurice Jones-Drew, here's a list of nine all time favorite figures associated with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

5. Tom Coughlin


Tom Coughlin would be the first head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Coughlin's success as the head coach at Boston College led to his subsequent hiring in Jacksonville.

Coughlin coached the Jags for eight regular seasons and would be credited with creating the most successful expansion team in NFL history. Coughlin would take the Jags to the AFC Championship in their second year as a franchise. This would lead to Coughlin being named Coach of the Year in 1996. Coughlin would take the Jags to the Championship again in 1999 with a league-high season record of 14-2.

In his first five years as a couch, Coughlin's Jaguars won 49 regular season games. This was a remarkable average for an expansion team in the NFL. Unfortunately, Coughlin’s next three years would only result in a 19-229 average. Coughlin would be fired by owner at the time, Wayne Weaver.

Coughlin would go on to become the very successful coach of the New York Giants.

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