9 All Time Jacksonville Jaguars Figures

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In honor of the recent retirement of Maurice Jones-Drew, here's a list of nine all time favorite figures associated with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

4. Tony Boselli


In 1995, the Jags drafted Tony Boselli as a second pick out of University of Southern California, marking the team’s first draft ever in the franchise’s history.  

Boselli proved to be a strong player, helping lead the Jags to the ’96 playoffs on a 9-7 record. They ended up beating both the Bills and the Broncos before losing the AFC Championship game. Boselli would become a five-time Pro Bowler and was considered the best left tackle in the league.

Today, Boselli is a sports commentator and has founded the Boselli Foundation, which helps at-risk kids in Jacksonville’s Northside.

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