$75 Million Lawsuit Filed Against COJ and JEA

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The City of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) are being sued for $75 million by water savings technology company Fluid Dynamics. The suit charges the City and JEA with defamation, libel, slander and tortuous interference.

Fluid Dynamics has designed and built a patent pending water conservation system called Precision Flow that safely reduces the turbulence of water and air flow in water lines without affecting pressure. The Precision Flow system, which reduces water usage by 15 to 25 percent, is tested and proven, and was installed at eight apartment complexes throughout Jacksonville. JEA was aware of the installation, even assisting with the pre-installation surveys.

But suddenly and without warning, in December 2012, the City and JEA accused Precision Flow of tampering with the Jacksonville water system and removed the Precision Flow devices from all eight apartment complexes in the city.

“This is puzzling to us,” said Eric Adams, a Partner at Shutts & Bowen who is representing Fluid Dynamics in its lawsuit against the City and JEA. “Just one day before pulling the entire system, the City and JEA reviewed independent test results confirming the effectiveness and safety of the product.”

IAPMO Research & Testing independently tested and verified the Precision Flow system and found that it does not impact, interfere, impede or obstruct the water meter or its accuracy.  Fire Sprinkler Services of Northeast Florida (FSSNEF) also tested fire hydrants at two apartment complexes in Jacksonville where the Precision Flow system was installed. The FSSNEF found the hydrants were functioning well within the legal limits.

“We had assurances from the City and JEA that they would collaborate with us to confirm test results,” said Adams. “But rather than moving forward together, they went back on their word. Unfortunately, we had no other recourse than to file this lawsuit.”

The decision by the City and JEA to remove the Precision Flow system caused the cancellation of other contracts and business relationships for Fluid Dynamics, causing severe damage to company. Fluid Dynamics has attempted to negotiate a resolution to this matter, but with no success. The only remedy left was to file the $75 million lawsuit against the City and the JEA.

The Fluid Dynamics Precision Flow system reduces water usage without impacting the user experience. The system does this by improving the water flow throughout the home. When using the Precision Flow system, the typical household can save up to 1,800 gallons of water per month, which means an annual water bill savings of nearly $190.

Source: Press Release