The Forgotten Rivers of Jacksonville

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The St. Johns River isn't the only river in the River City! Today, Metro Jacksonville's Kristen Pickrell takes a look at Jacksonville's other rivers, while sharing interesting facts about each.

7. San Pablo River

A view of the San Pablo River (Intracoastal Waterway) from Castaway Preserve Park.

San Pablo River became a part of the Intercostal Waterway when a 10-mile channel was dug to connect it to St. Johns County's Tolomato River in 1912. The Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) covers 3,000 miles from the Atlantic and Gulf Coast. The ICW is composed of inlets, rivers, bays, and some artificial canals. The ICW is broken in to 3 major segments: the Gulf ICW, which extends from Brownsville, Texas to Carrabelle, Florida; a second Gulf ICW that extends from Tarpon springs, Florida to Fort Myers, Florida; and the Atlantic ICW, which extends from Key West, FL to Portsmouth, Virginia.

Along the San Pablo River, you can find the Castaway Island Preserve, a 300 acre nature preserve. This preserve offers a boardwalk, lookouts, nature trails, and kayak launches.

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