The Forgotten Rivers of Jacksonville

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The St. Johns River isn't the only river in the River City! Today, Metro Jacksonville's Kristen Pickrell takes a look at Jacksonville's other rivers, while sharing interesting facts about each.

4. Trout River

Fishing from the old Main Street Bridge over the Trout River in Panama Park.

The Trout River runs from Cisco Road, outside of Nassau County, to the St. John’s River near Panama Park. The Trout River splits near old Kings Road into the Trout River and Little Trout River.
One major destination located along the Trout River is the Jacksonville Zoo. The Jacksonville Zoo covers approximately 117 acres and is home to almost 2500 animals. The zoo participates in nearly 50 national and international conservation initiatives and projects and has close to 15 exhibits.

One of these exhibits is the Trout River Plaza Botanical Gardens. This garden is partially walled, which provides a wonderful view of the Trout River. Within the plaza, there is a large fountain, sculptures, mosaics, and of course, plants.  

Something that is also notable about the Trout River is that it used to be home to the Sid Walker’s Riverview Amusement Park in the 1950s. The park had a huge roller skating rink, about 10 rides, restaurants, a swimming pool, a ballroom, and even some picnic areas. Unfortunately, by 1959 a large portion would be demolished for a shopping center.

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