New Sidewalks For Southside Boulevard

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Southside Boulevard, a Southside roadway traditionally known for being dangerous to pedestrians, is in the process of finally getting new sidewalks. Here's the latest from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) on their efforts to enhance this corridor.

Also known as State Road 115, federal safety funds are being utilized to construct two segments of sidewalk along the east side of Southside Boulevard:

· from Malabar Boulevard (opposite the entrance to The Avenues Mall) to Paradise Island, and

· from Touchton Road to Hogan Road

As part of the southern segment, FDOT is adding two new pedestrian crossings on Southside Boulevard at Deercreek Club Road, and at Square Lake Boulevard.  Construction cost for the sidewalk projects are approximately $950,000, from the federal Highway Safety Program.  Throughout both segments, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) features and crosswalks are being added at side streets and driveways, where appropriate.
Furthermore, in a related project, the southbound left turn lane into Deercreek Club Road is being widened to two lanes, to better accommodate the demand.  Construction cost for the turn lane is approximately $660,000, using state of Florida funds.
Construction on both projects are anticipated to be completed this summer.  

Source: FDOT District 2

Southern Segment: Malabar Boulevard to Paradise Island

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