The Great Burgers of Jacksonville

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A few months ago, we ran a story featuring a few new burger chains expanding in Jacksonville. Today, we share a few local spots known for having great burgers.

5.Chomp Chomp

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“Chomp Chomp” is a local restaurant owned by Ian Chase, Mark Lynn, and John Touchton-- the same guys who own the “Fox” in Avondale. Chomp Chomp is situated in historic downtown and is open until 2 AM. They are known for their unique, “street” inspired, and fresh food, as well as the fact that they use local products.

Almost everything at Chomp Chomp’s is house-made. They have s smaller menu and daily specials that they rotate out. They have a good selection of food, catering to vegetarians and vegans, too, and some unique burgers, including their “1-up,” which is a portabella mushroom burger.

Chomp Chomp is located downtown on East Adams St.

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