The Great Burgers of Jacksonville

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A few months ago, we ran a story featuring a few new burger chains expanding in Jacksonville. Today, we share a few local spots known for having great burgers.

3. Poe's

Courtesy of Lumina News

“Poe’s Tavern” began in Charleston in 2003; named in honor of the famous author and poet Edgar Allan Poe. About five years later, the business expanded to Atlantic Beach, where it has been wildly successful since then. The restaurant itself is covered in art that pays homage to Poe, from paintings and epigraphs, to actual pages from his works being used as wallpaper. The menu also pays its respects to Poe, with each item named after a particular story or poem written by the author.

Poe’s is a gastropub known for their large beer selection and their fresh, in-house ground meat. Poe’s offer an array of gourmet burgers, which you can get with beef, chicken, or made as a veggie, that include the “Annabel  Lee,”  which comes with a crab cake on top and veggie remoulade; “ The Sleeper,” which has roasted garlic blue cheese and buffalo shrimp; or the “Amontillado,” which has guacamole, jalapenos, and sour cream.  

Poe’s is located in Atlantic Beach.

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