The Great Burgers of Jacksonville

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A few months ago, we ran a story featuring a few new burger chains expanding in Jacksonville. Today, we share a few local spots known for having great burgers.

2. Cruiser's

Courtesy of Cruiser's

The first “Cruiser’s” started up in Jacksonville Beach in 1996. It was an instant, local hit, which helped the restaurant thrive for over 10 years, before being taken over by current owner Bobby Handmaker in 2007. Since then, Cruiser’s has expanded to 3 locations. In 2010, Handmaker decided he needed some help, so he assembled a small team of senior managers to help run the business.

Cruiser’s is known for their “freshness.” That is, almost everything used at each location is made right there on the premise. Additionally, they have no heat lamps at their facilities. Other notable things about Cruiser’s are their super family-friendly environment, and their fast service.

Their menu features burgers such as the “Cruiser Burger,” which is a half-pound patty with all the fixins’; the “Black Bean Burger” with Pico de Gallo; and a “Turkey Burger,” cooked just the way you like it.

Cruiser’s is located in Jax beach, St. Augustine, and Mandarin.

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