The Great Burgers of Jacksonville

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A few months ago, we ran a story featuring a few new burger chains expanding in Jacksonville. Today, we share a few local spots known for having great burgers.

1. The Loop Pizza Grill

Courtesy of The Loop Pizza Grill

“The Loop” began as a small business called “Applejacks” in Jacksonville in 1973. This joint was known for not only its good food, but its good live music, too. By 1980, owners Mike and Terry Schnieder decided to open a second location.

Unfortunately, debt would outweigh success, and the second Applejacks would close down shortly after opening. Refusing to file for bankruptcy, though, the owners thought up a new restaurant. A year later, The Loop would open up its first location. By 1990, The Loop would be found in four more locations. Today, The Loop franchise consisted of over 13 locations.

The Loop was a mix of upscale and casual, serving quality food in a quick fashion. Pizza Grill hardly makes you think “Hey, I think I will get a hamburger,” but you would be surprised. Their burger selection includes a standard hamburger, the “BBQ Bacon Cheddar,” and the “Cajun & Jack.”

The Loop is located at the Town Center, in San Jose, off Southside, and in San Marco.

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