FDOT ready to improve Atlantic/University intersection

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The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has scheduled a public hearing to seek comments on their proposed Atlantic Boulevard/University Boulevard intersection.

Project Details:

Here is a brief summary of the proposed improvements:
University Boulevard (SR 109)

1. Approaching Atlantic Boulevard from the south, University will be widened to provide a new exclusive Right Turn Lane (to eastbound Atlantic Boulevard), beginning north of River Hills Drive, near the Jacksonville Family Practice building.

2. Approaching Atlantic Boulevard from the north, the existing exclusive Right Turn Lane will be extended north to opposite Robbins Circle South, and

3. Lawrence Place will be rerouted to intersect University at this point, farther from the Atlantic Boulevard intersection.

4. A retention pond will be created between relocated Lawrence Place and University Boulevard.  This will be a “dry” pond that will only hold water briefly after a rain event.

Atlantic Boulevard (SR 10)

5. Approaching University Boulevard from the west, the grass median in front of Publix will be replaced with a traffic separator, allowing extension of the dual Left Turn Lane (to University northbound).

6. Continuing east on Atlantic beyond University, Atlantic will be widened by one lane from University to just before River Hills Drive, and

7. A traffic separator, between the eastbound and westbound traffic, will be installed over the same distance; these will allow

8. Creation of a Dual Left Turn Lane from westbound Atlantic to southbound University.  Note that the widening to the south, on the eastbound side, is to allow the dual left-turn lane; there will still be two eastbound lanes, east of University.

9. The existing signals will be upgraded or replaced, as necessary, and the lighting will be improved.

Project Schedule:
Under the current schedule, Design is underway now, and will continue through this summer.  The Department will need to acquire right-of-way for the project, and that effort begins late this year and continues into 2017.  The Right-of-Way budget is approximately $ 3.1 million.  Construction is scheduled in Fiscal Year 2017/18 (July 2017 through June 2018), with a budget of approximately $3.7 million.  This is a safety project, with funding coming primarily from the Federal Highway Administration’s Highway Safety Program (HSP).

Source: FDOT