5 Places That Existed Then That Are Better Now

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Here are five historic sites in Jacksonville that have gotten better with age.

4. Talleyrand Municipal Docks

Romsdalshorn at berth 16, Jacksonville Municipal Dock in 1925. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, http://floridamemory.com/items/show/148985

The Municipal Docks and Terminals, along the St. Johns River, between 8th and 21st Streets were established in 1915. Operating their own 20 mile railroad system, the Talleyrand complex was initially distinguished by long galvanized steel warehouses and railroad spurs running out on three 1,000 foot long piers.

In 1963, the Florida Legislature created the Jacksonville Port Authority to replace the Municipal Docks and Terminals in order to progress, preserve and promote Jacksonville's port facilities.

A century later, what was originally the Municipal Docks is now known as the Talleyrand Marine Terminal. The 173-acre terminal handles containerized and breakbulk cargoes, automobiles and liquid bulk commodities such as molasses and vegetable oils. It also features 4,780 linear feet of berthing space on 40 feet deepwater. Furthermore, despite being JAXPORt's oldest facility, it's also the only one with on-dock rail facilities providing direct switching service to multiple rail lines.

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