Jacksonville Restaurants: Hole in the Wall, Part 9

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Five more "hole in the wall" Jacksonville restaurants to try.

Images from Arash Kamiar

Donuts, ETC

The classic American, no-frill donut. All of which are prepped on site. The dough rises in the same location that it is fried.

Their drive through opens at 3am. The lobby opens at 6am and they close at 1pm. If you get there at 10am like I did, you're late. I wish I would have been able to taste the donuts when they were at their freshest, like my experience at the Donut Shoppe.

I don't have much to say. They're donuts. I wanted them to be more special but I may just not have been in the mood when I had them. I think they are better than anything you can get from Krispy Kreme and most of the grocery stores in town.

I did appreciate the donut fillings. The strawberry was filled with a jam, not a jelly. The bavarian cream was a lot of fun too.

5804 N Main St
Jacksonville, FL 32208
(904) 765-8772

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