Jacksonville Restaurants: Hole in the Wall, Part 9

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Five more "hole in the wall" Jacksonville restaurants to try.

Images from Green Erth Bistro

Green Erth Bistro

Sometime in November 2014 Anthony Bourdain visited Iran (of which I descend) for his television series Parts Unknown.

Bourdain featured the incredible food of Iran, discussed a bit of the political situation and touched on the tortured relations between the US and Iran. It was an overall good show and it was a bit of a relief to see Iranians shown in a light that is not so "axis-of-evil" like. Plus and suddenly, Iranian food was something a lot people wanted to try. They should, it's awesome and I tend to think it befits the typical American palette. I've yet to have a friend not like a good home cooked Iranian meal.

Green Erth Bistro is one of the two places in Jacksonville that serves traditional Iranian food.

They also serve an assortment of  other "Mediterranean" foods like falafels, hummus and tabouleh, which are not traditional Iranian fare. I didn't know about hummus and falafels until I was in college.

The kababs are an easy place to start. Try the Jujeh Kabab, chicken pieces marinated with minced onions, lemon juice and saffron. Or, try theChelow Kabab Koobideh, seasoned ground beef and onions.

The kababs are typically served with a plate of steaming white basmati rice, fresh herbs and grilled tomatoes.

If you want to take a plunge, you'll go with a Khoresh, which is an Iranian stew served over rice.

There are dozens of khoreshes and Green Erth serves three of the most popular ones, Gormeh Sabzi (beef, sauteed greens, kidney beans, dried persian lime), Khoresht  Bademjan (beef, eggplant, tomatos, split peas, onions) and one my personal favorites Fesinjan (pomegranate sauce, chicken and ground walnuts).

Prices are higher than most of the "hole in the wall" restaurants in this series but it's worth it. The quality of the ingrediants, combined with the right-on food prep makes this place worthy.

As an FYI, the owner's uncle is the chef and he is lovingly referred to as "Amo" by everyone, which is the Iranian word for uncle.

1520 Hendricks Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32207
(904) 398-9156

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