9 Real Town Centers Worth Visiting In The First Coast

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Here are nine authentic neighborhood town centers outside of downtown that prove there's more to Jacksonville and the First Coast than the typical suburban shopping mall.

5. Shoppes of Avondale

Neighborhood: Avondale

The Shoppes of Avondale date back to the 1920s, when Avondale and the surrounding areas were beginning to develop. The Shoppes of Avondale were designed to blend in to a residential neighborhood and to serve its growing population.

Today, the Shoppes of Avondale are compromised of 46 different storefronts. The Shoppes include several boutiques and restaurants, and even some art galleries. The Shoppes are part of the Riverside/Avondale Historic District, so several beautiful historic homes, as well as parks, can be found nearby, too.

4. Beaches Town Center

Neighborhood: The Cities of Atlantic and Neptune Beach

Beaches Town Center serves as the downtown for the cities of Neptune and Atlantic Beach.  This pedestrian scale district is home to many boutiques, fitness centers, and local favorites like Poe’s Tavern and The Flying Iguana. Now more popular than ever, the Beaches Town Center is continuing to expand with additional construction projects underway. The Beaches Town Center is also home to events such as the North Beach Art Walk and the “Dancing in the Street” festival.

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