15 Things You Need To Know About Dating In Jax

February 1, 2015

According to our friends at Movoto, Jacksonville sweethearts have style and game.

13. But They Know When To Take A Day Off

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Just because they run their own business doesn’t mean they don’t know when to stop. They’ll make the time to spend with you, because they realize that you’re worth it.

14. A Jacksonville Sweatheart Will Never Make You Go To Orlando

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The traffic, the tourists, the mouse—it’s all just so stressful. It’s all good though, because they’re happy just hanging out with you in Jacksonville and they’ll never make you go to Orlando if you don’t want to. Everyone knows Jacksonville is better anyway.

15. They’ll Treat You To A Romantic Stroll During A Gorgeous Jacksonville Sunset

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One of the best things about having a sweetie from Jacksonville is that there will be countless romantic strolls along the beach underneath the setting sun. Don’t forget the bottle of wine and wine opener to make it even more special.

Did we miss anything? Tell us the best thing about dating someone from Jacksonville in the comments below!

Movoto article by Tena Moore originally posted at http://www.movoto.com/jacksonville-fl/jacksonville-dating/

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