JTA Flyer BRT Service Begins Today

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Since the inception of Metro Jacksonville back in 2006, the concept of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) running on Jacksonville's streets has been a dream of the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA). So much of an infatuation that some advocates have gone as far as to call it light rail on rubber wheels. Finally, the talk is over and transit riders will be able to experience the dream for themselves.

Today is the grand opening of JTA's First Coast Flyer BRT "Green Line". The First Coast Flyer is JTA's new, premium bus rapid transit service that is a part of JTA's continuing effort to transform transportation in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida. The "Green Line" connects downtown Jacksonville with Walmart at I-295 and Lem Turner Road in Northwest Jacksonville. It is the first of several proposed BRT lines that will be built around Jacksonville over the next five years. Take a ride and let everyone know about the experience. In preparation, here's some information you'll need to know.

First Coast Flyer General Information

Here's a look at each BRT Station along the North Corridor:

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