Six awe-inspiring Jax skyscrapers never built

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The downtown Jacksonville skyline we know and love today would have looked dramtically different if these size skyscrapers would have been built as originally proposed.

County Courthouse/City Hall

This 1920s proposal by H.J. Klutho would have forever altered the downtown environment as we know it.  Not just the skyline, but also view corridors and the overall street grid.  Klutho's proposal called for the construction of a joint county courthouse and city hall complex on the waterwords site at First and Main Streets in Springfield. As a part of this development, a new grand boulevard extending from Kings Road in Durkeeville to Main Street would have been built. This project never came to fruition but during the mid-20th century the land that would have been claimed for Klutho's boulevard became the Blodgett Homes public housing development and the campus of Florida Junior College (now Florida State College at Jacksonville).

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