Jacksonville Restaurants: Hole In The Wall, Part 10

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6 More Jacksonville "Hole in the Wall" Restaurants to try.

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Bow Leg'z Bar-B-Que

So, like, whoa. This place is awesome. Easily the best BBQ spot in Jacksonville.

Every food element harmonizes with the other.

The sauces are made for the meats and the meats for the sauces. That's unusual for Jacksonville BBQ joints, where it seems the sauces just exist as standard issue dipping options. Not so with Bow Leg'z, their combinations are a well-coordinated event. Although, the flavors of the perfectly salted, choice meats do well even without the sauce. I went back and fourth. Sometimes dipping. Sometimes not. I wanted to eat it both ways at once.

The mac-and-cheese has a perfect crust, with a creamy and robust interior. The collard greens are crisp, almost refreshing.

The food speaks for itself here. Plus, very affordable. Around $30 fed two people, twice.

If there is a better BBQ place in Jacksonville, let me know.

4347-2 University Blvd S
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Phone number (904) 337-1603

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