Exploring the First Coast: Macclenny

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Metro Jacksonville visits the downtown of a small town community just outside of our city limits: Macclenny.

SR 228/North 5th Street


5th Street, also designated as State Road 228 connects downtown Macclenny with Interstate 10 and Folkston, GA.




Originally known as Darbyville, Macclenny was settled 28 miles west of downtown Jacksonville along the Florida Railway & Navigation Company Railroad. A one-way fare between the cities was $1.40. A roundtrip ticket cost $2.10.



The Old Baker County Courthouse was built in 1908. It is now the Emily Taber Public Library.


The Baker County Historical Society took over the old county jail after it was deemed unfit for prisoners in the 1970s.

SR 121/North 6th Street


Like 5th Street, 6th Street, also designated as State Road 121 connects downtown Macclenny with Interstate 10. Since the 1950s, the majority of the city's commercial development has sprouted up around I-10 interchanges with SR 121 and SR 228. Most of the city's residential growth has occurred north of downtown Macclenny.


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