7 Great Italian Restaurants in Jacksonville

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We've scanned Metro Jacksonville's forums for recommendations. Here's seven of the best Italian restaurants that Jacksonville has to offer. If you think we're missing few, let us know and we'll add them to the list!

Enza's Italian Restaurant

Mike and Enza Huff opened Enza’s Italian Restaurant in 2004. Enza had been born in Sicily and migrated to America at the age of 10. Her family owned an Italian bakery that she began helping in at the age of 14. Mike was born and raised in an Italian neighborhood in New Jersey, leaving a career in the cosmetics industry to eventually become a chef and work alongside his wife.

The restaurant itself is located at Mandarin Landing, 10601 San Jose Boulevard. It is a relaxing atmosphere with white table cloths, a family feel, and huge portions. They offer banquet services as well as cooking classes! Their menu has all the classic Italian dishes, and they hand-make all of their mozzarella, pesto, dressings, and some sauces-- most notably, their parmesan cream sauce.

For information, hours, and a look at their menu, visit: https://enzas.net/

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