A Blast From The Past: 1970s Jacksonville

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Jacksonville has changed in several ways over the last forty years. Today, we go back in time and take a look at the streets of downtown and surrounding neighborhoods during the early 1970s.

19. Looking south on Main Street from Union Street. Remember when highway symbols came with color?

20. Riverside's Five Points shopping district.

21. A mid-20th century suburban ranch style neighborhood with no sidewalks.

22. Looking south from the intersection of 8th and Main Streets in the heart of Springfield's shopping district.

23. A sidewalk view of Springfield's Main Street.

24. Riverside's Park and King district.

25. A view of the old Fuller Warren Bridge as seen from Riverside.

26. The Robert Meyer Hotel on Julia Street was the largest hotel in the city.

27. This Main Street block would soon be removed to make way for a metal parking deck.

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