A Blast From The Past: 1970s Jacksonville

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Jacksonville has changed in several ways over the last forty years. Today, we go back in time and take a look at the streets of downtown and surrounding neighborhoods during the early 1970s.

10. Looking west at the intersection of West Bay and North Laura Streets. The Sears Cadillac Store can be seen in the distance.

11. Working class density before urban renewal.

12. Despite the 1970s being viewed as "down" years, the street scene was still vibrant, compared to the 2010s.

13. Looking east on East Monroe Street, from North Ocean Street. The new public library stands on the site of the "Auto Insurance Center".

14. The Ed Ball Building on West Monroe Street. Photograph taken from North Julia Street.

15. The Riverside viaduct in Railroad Row. The Jacksonville Terminal's columns can be seen in the distance.

16. The riverfont 15 years before the construction of the Jacksonville Landing.

17. This railroad line served as the border between Springfield and "across the tracks" Eastside.

18. Signage was a big part of the unique downtown experience.

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