Town Center's Ben Carter Invests In Downtown Savannah

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After recently selling his share of ownership in St. Johns Town Center, developer Ben Carter decides to invest in Downtown Savannah, despite chairing Downtown Jacksonville's Retail Task Force in 2007. Metro Jacksonville's Kristen Pickrell provides us with the details.

Carter once had eyes for Downtown Jacksonville. It now appears he's moved on to our smaller neighbor to the north.

This raises the question of why these objectives were never implemented, as well as gives us an idea, potentially, of why Carter sold his share in Town Center, and why he moved his money elsewhere. It was noted in an article by the Jacksonville Business Journal that Carter said he gave a multitude of suggestions, as evidenced by the proposal he worked on, but that nobody ever took his suggestions. Additionally, Carter was quoted as saying “I’d consider it if there were anybody behind it, but I’m not interested in being a pioneer. No developer wants to come into a market where’s there’s not broad support for what you’re trying to do.” So basically, Carter says that he would be more interested in revitalizing downtown Jax if he felt that more people were behind it.

This leaves fellow Jaxsons to speculate. Are Carter’s comments hollow? Or perhaps, was Carter fed up with no support that he simply moved on to someplace that would give him the support he wanted?

Article by Kristen Pickrell

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