TEDxJacksonville Reading List!

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The 2014 TEDxJacksonville speakers have a list of books you need to read. Tedx is organizing a unique event at Chamblin's Bookstores that allows you to get some background for the upcoming TEDx Event! Check out the details after the jump.

World Street Art Atlas

Suggested by speaker Chip Southworth


Untamed- Wildest Woman in America by Will Harland

Suggested by speaker Warren Anderson

Further Reading: TED Book Club Recommendations

Want Not by Jonathan Miles

“TED alumnus Dave Eggers thought this was one of the best novels of 2013, and I agree completely. Miles has written a staggeringly powerful story about the relationship between contemporary Americans and their post-consumer garbage. There is not a preachy word in here, but it’s a life-changing narrative, nonetheless.”

Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread—The Lessons from New Science by Alex Pentland.

“Pentland has done more to demystifying human behavior in the wild than anyone else in the last decade. Social Physics describes his studies of individual and group behavior, gleaned from data ranging from cell phone tracking to reading entire databases of online action. One key finding: humans are better off if we’re connected, but not too connected.”

Article by By Sarah Clarke Stuart

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