NAAS Green Cove Springs: Ruins of Northeast Florida

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What do treasure hunting trips, hovercrafts, ferries, space exploration, and vintage rail cars have to do with one another? All are related to the environment that makes Reynolds Industrial Park and Clay County Port (formerly NAAS Green Cove Springs) one of the most interesting spots for storytelling in Northeast Florida.

Reynolds Industrial Park

The air station is now a private airfield known as Reynolds Airpark (FAA airfield identifier FL60) with a single 5,000-foot (1,500 m) asphalt runway currently operational. Although the original air traffic control tower is still standing, attached to one of the former Navy aircraft hangars, the airfield remains an uncontrolled facility.

View of the original air traffic control tower in 1962. Photograph courtesy of State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,

Located at a former airplane hanger, Fox Manufacturing is a manufacturer of dampers and expansion joints.

The Military Museum of North Florida is a museum of military artifacts. The museum includes ship models, military vehicles, uniforms, weapons, equipment, and flags. Established in 2008, the museum is located at 1 Bunker Ave. at the corner of State Road 16.

Established in 1987, Pile Equipment, Inc. specializes in rental and sales of vibratory pile driver extractors, diesel pile driving hammers, hydraulic augers, pile hammer leads and a variety of foundation installation equipment and accessories. Pile Equipment, Inc. is also located in a building that was the former naval base's power plant.

Rear view of the power plant in 1962. Photograph courtesy of State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,

A row of storage warehouses at the naval base in 1962. Photograph courtesy of State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,

Reliable Rail Services, LLC. operates a railcar and locomotive repair and routine maintenance facility at Reynolds Industrial Park. This facility is one of few places in Florida with the ability to accept a complete unit train for inspection, maintenance and service and it offers many solutions to servicing unit trains without the requirement of the carrying railroad to brake the train down.

An abandoned unfinished hovercraft lies on the former naval base's airport apron. The large hovercraft was the center of transportation news in 2006. Then, ATLAS Hovercrafts had intentions of bringing hovercrafts into the mainstream, envisioning a hovercraft ferry between Downtown Jacksonville and Clay County. This hovercraft was originally intended to be built for a Chicago business that planned to use it for dinner cruises from Navy Pier.

The North Florida Railway Museum was established in 1989 to preserve, restore, and display the vast railroad history of North Florida via its equipment, library, models, various displays and through the promotion of railroad safety.

GE Senter-Cab switcher that is a part of the North Florida Railway Museum's collection.

Exterior view of Administration Building and water tower in 1962. Photograph courtesy of State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,

Located 25 miles south of Jacksonville, just west of the Shands Bridge, the Clay County Port/Reynolds Park is one of the few locations in Northeast Florida with full access to land, air, water and rail.

Article by Ennis Davis, AICP

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