Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens

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A look at Jacksonville's neighborhoods and special places through the eyes of Metro Jacksonville's photographer Andrew Nyhuis: Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens.

Up until about 1960, this plot of land east of Arlington, was used for strip mining materials to make titanium. When the 70s rolled around, the property was purchased by the City of Jacksonville, where it would sit untouched for nearly thirty years. Then, at the start of the millennium, the City decided to lease out the land for recreational use. Today, this land is known as the Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens.
The Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens is a one hundred and twenty acre park just east of I-295 East Beltway, near Monument Road. The arboretum opened to the public in 2008, for the purpose of conserving, developing, teaching, and researching. Unlike most of Jacksonville, the Arboretum and Gardens is hilly, with over eight hundred feet of ravines and slopes. The Arboretum and Gardens also features an array of wildlife, native plants, trails, and a lake.
The Arboretum and Gardens also features several site rentals for picnics, company retreats, and weddings. Several times a year, the Gardens also host special events and activities, such as guided hikes, tours, and this year, they will be hosting their first ever food and wine festival.

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