Peter Rummell's Healthy Town Site Plan Released

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A look at Elements Development LLC's plans for their “Healthy Town” concept at the 28.6-acre JEA Southbank site. Elements Development LLC. is a partnership between developers Michael Balanky and Peter Rummell.

RocaPoint's Proposal

Losing out on the opportunity to develop the site was Atlanta-based RocaPoint. RocaPoint had proposed a mixed use project for the site that included an extension of the riverwalk and a waterfront park. RocaPoint Partners, bid $11.56 million, or $404,169 per acre.

RocaPoint Site Plan For JEA Southbank Site

Proposed RocaPoint Rendering For JEA Southbank Site

Thanks to WOKV's Stephanie Brown for uploading the JEA site proposal renderings to her twitter page at

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