Florida's Fixed Rail Systems Ranked By Ridership

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The following is a list of all local rail transit systems in Florida, ranked by ridership. Here's an interesting fact. The Skyway does not come in last place.

1. 72,700 (Average weekday ridership Q2 2014)
MDT Metrorail

Principal City Served: Miami
Transit Type: Rapid Transit
Began Operation: May 20, 1984
System Length: 24.4 miles

2. 30,500
MDT Metromover

Principal City Served: Miami
Transit Type: Urban people mover
Began Operation: April 17, 1986
System Length: 4.4 miles

3. 14,600
South Florida RTA Tri-Rail

Principal Cities Served: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach
Transit Type: Commuter rail
Began Operation: January 1, 1989
System Length: 70.9 miles

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