10 More Free Things To Do In Jacksonville

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One thing you’ll probably never do is go bored in Jacksonville. With all the things there seem to be available to do in this city, the price tag for “fun” can start to get pretty hefty. Fear not, for not only is there lots of things to do—there’s lots of things to do for FREE. Here’s a second installment of “10 Free Things to Do in Jacksonville.”

1. Jacksonville Beach Seawalk and Pavilion

You don’t have to solely be a beach fan to love the Jacksonville Beach’s Seawalk and Pavilion. The Seawalk Pavilion extends over two blocks in the heart of Jacksonville Beach. Unlike lots of other pavilions and bandshells, this one is located directly on the beach. While the Seawalk is a cool place to visit on any given day, all throughout the year the Seawalk is a venue for an array of live music, food festivals, and parties.

The festival season usually starts mid-March with the Great Atlantic Seafood and Music Festival, and extends well through summer. Live music shows are put on throughout the summer, too. Other notable events at the Seawalk Pavilion include: The Moonlight Movies Film Series, The Smooth Sounds of Hot Summer Nights, and the Fourth of July Liberty Fest.

The Beaches Seawalk and Pavilion is located at 75 North 1st Street. For information on special events, visit www.jacksonvillebeach.org.

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