Jacksonville's Wondrous Parks

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Jacksonville is home to many beautiful parks. Timucuan Trail Parks Foundation shares this comprehensive list, with descriptions, of Jacksonville's Timucuan Trail parks.

Images and descriptions courtesy of Timucuan Trail Parks Foundation

Alimacani Park

Alimacani Park is located on Xalvis Island, adjacent to the Fort George River. Some of the first Europeans to arrive in northeast Florida landed on Xalvis Island in 1562. The park and nearby Fort George Island (formerly part of the Timucuan Indian settlement of Alimacani) comprise a portion of the 46,000-acre Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve. The scenic stretch of A1A known as the Buccaneer Trail, named for pirates such as Blackbeard that pillaged the coast, borders the park on the east, and the City’s Alimacani Boat Ramp abuts the park on the west.

The boat ramp provides access to the Fort George River and its tributaries. Alimacani provides awesome opportunities for jet skiers, kayakers, canoers and small jon boaters. The marsh area offers ample bird observation.
11080 Heckscher Drive

Betz Tiger Point Preserve

Betz Tiger Point Preserve is surrounded by awe inspiring broad expanses of saltwater marsh. Stunning scenic views as well as abundant wildlife can be seen in this natural setting. With its adjoining neighbor, Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park, visitors can enjoy miles of nature trails for hiking, biking and equestrian use, kayak/canoe areas, and ample fishing. Use the canoe launch a few hundred feet south of the Preserve to launch your canoe and explore the salt marshes.

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North of 13990 Pumpkin Hill Road

Big Talbot Island State Park

Big Talbot Island State Park’s famous boneyard beach is covered with the skeletons of live oak and cedar trees that once grew near the ocean. This park is a photographer’s dream. A paved bike path runs along side the park. Visitors can picnic at the Bluff’s access overlooking the water and take a hike down the Shoreline Trail. A boat ramp is available for boats and kayaks.

State Road A1A just north of Little Talbot Island
(904) 251-2320


Camp Milton Historic Preserve

Designated a Civil War campground, Camp Milton offers a state of the art educational center displaying Civil War artifacts, McGirts Creek Bridge a replica of a “Campaign Bridge”, wooden boardwalk leading to Civil War earthworks, and an authentic 1800s Florida farmstead that provide visitors with a glimpse into history. Historic era reenactments occur in February. Camp Milton is located about halfway along the Rail Trail.

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1175 Halsema Road North
Hours: Monday - Sunday - 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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