Food Trucks Grow Into Restaurants

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Since the 2012 launch of Jax Truckies, food trucks have rapidly changed Jacksonville's culinary scene. Today, Jacksonville is well on its way to becoming a culinary destination with trucks now breathing life into the city's established commercial districts. Here are a few food trucks that have evolved into brick and mortar restaurants.

Super Food

If things go according to plan, downtown's latest restaurant could morph from the popularity of a local food truck. Dale Stoudt, a co-owner of Super Food Truck has signed a letter of intent to occupy a 2,595-square-foot retail space on the ground floor of the 11 East Forsyth apartment tower. According to Stoudt, "the truck gave us the ability to develop the brand." In a Jacksonville Business Journal interview with Ashley Gurbai Kritzer, Stoudt, who co-owns the business with Richie Haugk, stated that daily lunch service from the truck will cease when the brick and mortar restaurant opens.

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