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Gerry Glynn of EatDrinkJax.com interviews Trevor Davis and Avis Davis about Taste of the Islands.

Taste of the Islands - food truck

20. What’s Culture Groove?

It’s a special event we hold on the 4th Saturday of every month at the Airport Industrial Park from 4 to 8pm. With Culture Groove we’re trying to showcase the culture of the Islands to Jacksonville. We have the truck, music, a tent and a flat screen TV on the truck playing concert music and scenes from the Islands. We bring out really authentic foods like curried goat and roasted fish. In the Islands there's a lot of that - just setting up a place to groove and listen to some good music. For people who can’t go to the Islands now we’re bringing the experience of the Islands through authentic tastes, foods and music.

If you visit Jamaica and drive into the country you’ll often find people on the side of the road with a grill, selling food. The smells and the music all go into the whole experience. That’s the experience we’re trying to capture with the Culture Groove.

We are really promoting Culture Groove because we think it’s a very positive thing where you can bring your kids and enjoy another culture in a fun atmosphere. Culture Groove will start in April 2014.

21. What are your plans for Taste of the Islands?

We’re focused on building an audience here in Jacksonville. We’ve had some interest in franchising the truck with some people in South Florida, so that may happen later in the year. We’d also love to see some of our food in the supermarkets here. That’s a project we’re also working on. We’re just in the early research stages.

22. Anything else?

Avis: Just that we’d like to emphasize that we’re a family business. We have many people from our family involved. Our son and nephew help us with the design of our printed material and our niece helps with our social media. My sister in law, brother in law, and other nieces play a big part in the food truck whenever they can and we also get a whole lot of support from our families in the Islands.

We want to bring a good, consistent and delicious product to the Jacksonville market. We hope people can come out to meet us and try our unique food.

Taste of the Islands - Trevor and Avis
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