Revitalization: Marietta Street Artery

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Metro Jacksonville takes a look at an emerging neighborhood in Atlanta that has a lot in common with several blighted areas of Jacksonville: The Marietta Street Artery

The Marietta Street Artery is an emerging mixed-use neighborhood in Atlanta that was originally a 19th century industrial corridor. Stretching three miles northwest from Centennial Park to the Howell Interlocking Historic District, this corridor contains a linear collection of industrial building along the route of the form Western and Atlantic Railway.

The Marietta Street Artery represents the only remaining fairly intact example of the backbone of commerce of Atlanta between the Civil War and World War II. During the mid-20th century, like similar districts across the country and in Jacksonville, the Artery went into a period of decline and several buildings were demolished.

The district's fortunes began to change with the completion of several adaptive resuse projects in the area around the time of the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Similar in scale to many early 20th century industrial districts across the South, what the Artery is being transformed into today can serve as an example of what areas in Jacksonville, such as Mrytle Avenue, Beaver Street and Edison Avenue can become.

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