Livecast of the Florida Bowlriders Cup @ Kona Skatepark

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The livecast is happening now. Watch the Florida Bowlriders Cup at Kona! The competition brings together one-hundred of the worlds top amateur and professional skateboarders.

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The Florida Bowlrider’s Cup was a lot of fun last year for the Metrojacksonville team.  And of course, Kona is one of the things that Jacksonville should be taking a lot of pride in.  After all it was here that much of the modern sport of Skateboarding was pioneered.

Bowlriders (or the art of skating in what looks like a waterless swimming pool) have been gaining a lot more attention and appreciation for their skills of late, and of course, Kona is right there in the mix.  This year is the 7th annual contest and it will take place from March 28-30 at the two biggest skateparks in Jville.

Saturday March 29, the cup will begin at Oceanside Rotary Skatepark in Atlantic Beach

Sunday takes place at the motherland: Kona Skatepark near Regency.

Martin Ramos, the owner of Kona has pulled together a great list of sponsors for this year: Aqua East Surf Shop, Powell Skateboards, Bones Skate Wheels and Accessories and Vans to name a few.

The competition offers Pro’s, Master’s, Women’s and Amateur’s divisions for those who would like to compete and skate together over a multi-event weekend.  We will be livecasting the entire event on Saturday and Sunday, from 11 am until 7pm.  There will be lots of commentary, some interviews and candid shots of the crowd and of course, Ramos will be narrating the entire event during competition.

We are pretty happy to be launching a livecast with Kona, especially with the Bowlrider's event.  The cup hasnt really been around all that long:  It was established in 2007, and because of the freshness of the sport it is still pretty much the ultimate in grassroots competition. Pro's, Masters, Women and Amateurs compete and skate together over a multi-event weekend.  This is that era where you can get out and watch the new greats emerge in a sport that has spread across the globe.

We are partnering with John Michalman of Digitally Xtreme to create the livecast, and are looking forward to bringing real coverage to the kind of sports that make Jville so awesome, but are virtually invisible with the local media (until now of course).  We are also joining the guys over at Void Magazine as the official media sponsors, so it should be a pretty credible weekend of reporting from our coalition of happy mutual interest.

Bowl parks are designed to emulate and improve upon the pool skating experience. Skaters in bowl parks can move around the park without taking their feet off the board to push. The curved walls of bowls allow skaters to ride around and across the bowl in addition to the back and forth skating you might see on a traditional half pipe. Bowls and bowl parks come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes but most bowls are between 3' and 12’ deep, and the rise of bowl parks has driven the evolution of bowl skating and Bowl Rider Events.

Kona has embraced this sea change in the sport and has hosted the Bowl Riders Cup for the past few years.

Florida Bowlriders Cup  brings together one-hundred of the worlds top amateur and professional skateboarders.  Established in 2007, it is the ultimate in grassroots competition.  Pro's, Masters, Women and Amateurs compete and skate together over a multi-event weekend.  Points are accumulated from two different venues, over a three-day span, to crown a champion.  Participants may take advantage of the Kona Campgrounds and all the extra's and side events that happen throughout the weekend.    Its an experience of a lifetime for both competitors, spectators and families.

This years event is NOT invite only, but past competitors get priority
There are 100 spots available - first come first serve
email for entry info.

Watch along, give commentary, bear with us, give us good criticism suggestions and feedback as we go through this process.!

Check out Konas page on the event here: