Liberty City: An Eye Opening Look Into Miami's Ghetto

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The idea of having a healthy urban community is much more than seeing your downtown filled with tourists, yuppies, and froyo shops. It's also important to understand and attempt to address the neighborhoods and social issues of our cities that marketing types tend to ignore and cover up. This video documentary by provides a raw and uncut look into one of Florida's inner city neighborhoods: Miami's Liberty City.

Miami is best known for its luxury lifestyle, Latin-infused culture, and as a popular tourist destination. This four-part documentary series focuses on Miami's most notorious ghetto 'Liberty City,' documenting the struggles, the failures and the successes of Liberty City locals. Watch this raw, uncut four-part series that captures for you aspects of Liberty City life: how things go down in the hood, violent shootings, police corruption and the drug epidemic.

WARNING: Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. Video contains strong language.

Director's Note:

My aim in producing this Documentary series is to give the people of Liberty City a voice.
Though currently known for its Bad and Ugly aspects, there is also much Good in Liberty City; and the words "Hope" and "Never Give Up" remain strong in each individual in the City.

1st Episode:
We do a walkthrough in the infamous Pork N Beans Projects and surrounding projects including Baghdad (1250).

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