Dog Without A Bone – JTA’S Great Greyhound Deception

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In this editorial, Metro Jacksonville's Bob Mann explains why JTA's proposed Greyhound station should be reconsidered and why Jacksonville may be a code word for Screw the Pooch.

Examples of Well Planned Intermodal Transportation Centers

In Meridian, the new multi-modal station serves Amtrak, Meridian Transit (Valley Ride) and Greyhound, the platforms are side by side. Image courtesy of Google Earth.

(Valley Ride)
Valley Ride’s modern fleet. Image courtesy of Valley Ride.

San Bernardino Multi Modal Terminal rail platforms with buses pulled up side by side.  Image courtesy of the City of San Bernardino.

Greyhound in the foreground and the Amtrak Platform in the background side by side at the Milwaukee Intermodal Station. Image courtesy of Google Earth.

The Anaheim Multi Modal Center rail platforms are behind the single terminal building and bus platforms are wrapped around it. Image courtesy of the City of Anaheim.

Amtrak and Greyhound side by side at the St. Louis Intermodal Center.  Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Bakersfield, Trains and Motor Coaches side by side in Bakersfield, CA. Image courtesy of Visit Bakersfield.

This is the site of Jacksonville’s proposed intercity bus terminal. The nearest railroad tracks are several blocks south.  Considering what’s proposed, Jacksonville just may be a code word for “screw the pooch.”

Editorial by Bob Mann. Contact Bob at

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