Jacksonville's Suburbs The Sexiest In America?

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According to Movoto Real Estate, the cities of Atlantic and Jacksonville Beach are anything but boring—in fact, they’re downright sultry. Check out Movoto's ranking of the 10 Sexiest Suburbs in America, and see if you think you can handle it.

Ah, the suburbs: Known as some of the best places in the country to raise a family, to install that white picket fence surrounding your perfect green lawn, and to perhaps join a country club and take up golfing. Basically, as urbanites seem to think, a great place to grow old and die. Most likely from boredom.

But what do city-dwellers know about the ‘burbs? Certainly not how exciting some of them can be, how happy their residents are, or even how very sexy things can get out there under the radar.

That being said, which of the nation’s suburbs was the most sultry, suggestive, and downright sensual? According to the latest ranking at the Movoto Real Estate Blog (a damn sexy blog, we might add), that honor goes to Miami Beach. Of course, that wasn’t the only place we looked at that got our pulses racing.

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