Echo: A Photographic Exhibition

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Opens June 4, 2014 and continues through June 7, 2014.


Echo lll is a collection of photographs created by seven local artists. The exhibit opens at 107 East Bay Street on June 4th and continues through June 7, 2014. The show features three cohesive pieces of work from each artist: John Ayala, Kirsten Brown, Annie Campbell, Elena Rodriguez, Maylisa Shuler, Stephanie Sisson, and Wendy Sugalski.

Intrinsic to photography is the reflection of light; a visual echo that continues to reverberate after the original moment has passed. This has set the thematic platform for the exhibit. Each artist has developed a series of works directly correlated to their specific interpretation of “echo”.


Wendy Sugalski

Legs - Wendy Sugalski

Photography is the vehicle in which I choose to express myself. Through this artistic mode, I find I am able to visually convey a narrative which explores my overwhelming emotions concerning the connectivity between the spiritual and the carnal.

The thirty five years I spent immersed in the world of dance, produced in me, a strong awareness of the link between body and spirit. This awareness permeates with in my photographic expressions as a rich combination of light, imagination and passion. In essence, my images focus on the human form, its movement, strengths, weaknesses, growth and disintegration. I feel the physical body is an organic vehicle through which ones spirituality is expressed. To demonstrate this symbiotic exchange between the seen and unseen, I use strong symbolic elements within my work. This blend of esoteric ideas in relation to the body, allows me to express my feelings of physical, mental, and spiritual confinement, as well as its release.

Maylisa Shuler

Book - Maylisa Shuler

"Connections" is a series of works derived from experiences surrounding the end of relationships, intimate or otherwise. The work explores the idea of reciprocity during the period of inevitable deterioration. In my personal encounters, there is one person invested with greater intention to the preservation of the relationship while the other impervious to the effort, sits back and allows it to fall apart.

Kirsten Brown

New Scan - Kirsten Brown

As a child, I found art to be a means of escaping the difficult struggles of my childhood.  It allowed me to express my feelings taking me to a place where I could forget about my day, for just a moment.  I ended up in a dark place due to bullying and stereotyping. The consequences of repetitive humiliation and lack of empathy by my peers, echoed continuously until I believed it was true. As an adult, photography now provides me the opportunity to transform these feelings of isolation and loneliness into a visual statement.
I love to create photographs through other mediums besides a camera. Utilizing the scanner, I create self-portraits and I compose images using symbolic objects that reference the dark places of my past. Through this medium I am able to show how I have overthrown the feelings of worthlessness, self-hate and allow my own beauty to shine forth from within.

Annie Campbell

Dog - Annie Campbell

Elena Rodriguez

Echo - Elena Rodriguez

Stephanie Sisson

Flower - Stephanie Sisson

John Ayala

Tide High - John Ayala

Exhibition curated in collaboration
with Professor Ana Kamiar,
Art Institute of Jacksonville