Urban Construction Update - July 2014

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Major construction projects have returned to the landscape of Jacksonville's urban core. Find out where (and more) as we take a brief look at the status of various developments under construction in and around Downtown Jacksonville during the month of July.


27. Lampru Apartments

The renovation of Lampru Apartments on Boulevard is now underway.

28. The Weekend Cafe

The Weekend Café will be opening soon at 1855 N Main Street (9th & Main).

29. The Jacobs Building

The long vacant Jacobs Building at 115 West 2nd Street is being renovated for multi-family use.

30. 122 West 8th Street

Proposed Exterior Elevations

Land clearing efforts have ceased on a 14-unit affordable housing apartment complex at 122 West 8th Street. The proposed multi-family infill project will be developed by Operation New Hope.

For more information: http://www.metrojacksonville.com/article/2013-sep-infill-apartment-project-coming-to-springfield

31. CDC Corporation

The CDC Corporation is in the process of renovating 1501 North Main Street into their main offices. CDC Corp is a non-profit organization which purchases properties in need of renovation, typically puts $25-$40k into them for builders grade renovations, and sells for fair market value. CDC Corp works all around the NE FL area, and hopes to renovate and sell about 100 houses in 2014.

32. Wing Time

217 W. 8th St (former Caribbean Stone) is being remodeled into Wing Time, which is a local chain.

33. Sargent Cycle Products

Sargent's Cycle Products is expanding it's business in Springfield. They're located at 1036 Hubbard Street and are a major supplier for custom motorcycle products in North America. Work on a two story space that will more than double their capacity has begun on Hubbard.

For more information: http://www.sargentcycle.com/

34.  1101 Main Street (1st & Main)

The former "The Pearl" night club building at 1st & Main will be renovated into a yoga studio, arts and community space.

35.  252 East 8th Street

This vacant auto repair shop at 8th & Liberty was recently sold and will be used as an art studio.

36. Julius Guinyard Park & Pool

Renovation work is underway on the City of Jacksonville's Julius Guinyard Swimming Pool on Jefferson Street, in the neighborhood formerly known as Sugar Hill. Constructed in 1951, the swimming pool was originally called "Blodgett Homes Pool" and is one of the oldest public pools in the City of Jacksonville. In 2006, the park was renamed after Mr. Julius Guinyard a former City Parks employee.

37. 1735 North Main Street

1735 North Main Street has recently been purchased. The building will be converted into a premier art gallery for local artist.


38. Subway Restaurant

A Subway restaurant is being built at1325 San Marco Blvd. 0001. The $50,000, 1,300 square foot interior build-out is being done by South Pointe Construction & Development.

39. 1670 San Marco Boulevard

A ladies consignment shop called Bella's Closet will be opening soon at 1670 San Marco Boulevard.

40. JPMorgan Chase & Company

Construction continues on the development of a 5,320-square-foot Chase Bank at 1515 Atlantic Blvd., between Hendricks and Thacker Avenues. SM Ventures Inc. is the property owner and Boos Development Group of Clearwater is the developer.

41. Independent Beauty Professionals

Independent Beauty Professionals (IBP) is opening a salon in a commercial storefront at 1547 San Marco Boulevard.

42. Affairs of San Marco

Affairs of San Marco party retail store will be opening a new location adjacent to the San Marco Theatre in San Marco Square. The store is expected to open in August.

43. First Citizens Bank & Trust Company

Construction is underway on a $10 million, 6,000-square foot office for First Citizens Bank & Trust Company on San Marco Boulevard. The location will also serve as the local headquarters for the Raleigh, N.C. bank.

Development update by Ennis Davis, AICP. Contact Ennis at edavis@moderncities.com

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