The Top 20 Most Popular MJC Articles of All Time

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20. Sunflowers for Lead. Spider Plants for Arsenic.
For twenty years, business and citizen based efforts and research have increasingly shown the effectiveness of a process called 'bio remediation' (or 'phytoremediation')----the use of plants to suck the poisons and metals out of the ground for safe disposal.

Published June 15, 2010


19. Annie Lytle Public School (Public School # 4)
It has captured the imaginations of Jaxons for decades. In this essay, photographic artist David Gano captures incredible images of what's happening inside Annie Lytle Public School.

Published May 12, 2013


18. Five of the Most Amazing Things About Jacksonville
Without Jacksonville the world would be a poorer and less interesting place. It is no exaggeration to say that some of the most important cultural and social trends of the past hundred years are rooted either in Jax or people from Jax. Without Native Jaxson Don Estridge, for example, would we all be connected online right now? What would people yell at concerts around the world, "Blackbird!"?

Published April 3, 2013


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